Time to Write

Clock Detail by Suat Eman

Clock Detail by Suat Eman

For the second consecutive morning I woke up wanting to write – truly a breakthrough. Many months have passed since I have had the urge to write – or do much of anything.

Did I have writer’s block?


I think the situation was more complex than that, however. My mind has been preoccupied with health concerns and my recent reconstructive breast surgery. Now that I am well into my recovery from the operation, I have gotten back into the flow of my life again – working, cooking, practicing yoga, walking, being with friends, yard work and housework-slash-de-cluttering.

All of a sudden, I feel as though there is much to say and so many topics to weigh in on. Maybe it is the change of season and the birds chirping early in the morning at my window. Or, with my big surgery behind me, I feel so much lighter, with less baggage weighing me down. And I want to explore every one of these thoughts and feelings…

Interestingly, as I have become more active, my reading attention span has dipped. But my desire to write has blossomed. Another part of this re-awakening of my writing muscle has been my recent work editing and coordinating blog production for someone else, Dr. RKG.

What fascinates me is the creative process. How we use our imagination in combination with our skills (newly acquired and old stand-by ones) to produce something original, unique, spontaneous, interesting – or the opposite perhaps. But it’s ours. The blog or story or poem or novel comes from within us, filtered by our own viewpoint and experiences. Our work then springs to life.

Lately I have spent time searching the Internet for information, links, topics and photographs. You can get lost for hours doing this. But you can also become informed, inspired or pissed off. I bring this up because I read what other people have said about writer’s block. And there were quite a few interesting choices. However, there was one common element in all of them: to overcome writer’s block, a writer must write!

My ideas and creativity have been percolating a long time. I think they are ready to pour out of me. Time to write…stay tuned for more.


  1. Hi Cheryl–
    I stumbled on your blog through a tag search (looking for my people), and I really enjoyed exploring it a bit this morning. Since you’re interested in creativity and writer’s block, I thought you might like mine: http://ritaottramstad.wordpress.com/ I just started it about a month ago. Intended it to be a broad exploration of creativity, but it’s been mostly about writing so far. My attempts to understand why it’s been a struggle for me to start and keep writing. Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. I am thrilled to read this entry! You go girl. Looking forward to daily posts!

  3. This is looking great!! Very informative.. Looking forward to more!

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